Diabetic foot syndrome

A serious painless problem of diabetics ...

In Germany there are about 4 million patients affected by diabetes, the majority of whom are elderly people.


3-10% of these patients are at risk of developing a so-called diabetic foot syndrome.  


It is important for those affected to observe changes in their own feet: muscle atrophy, loss of stability in the joints, deformation and dehydration of the feet, the skin becomes brittle. This quickly leads to the formation of haematomas, which become inflamed. This leads to the formation of ulcers.

Your surgeon

Dr. Tobias Wallmann has many years of experience especially in the field of diabetic foot syndrome.

He is a renowned specialist in this field and is an active member of the “Diabetic Foot-Network” in Leipzig.


All questions concerning the operation will be answered in a detailed informative conversation.

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